Safari Room Taxidermy

Safari Room Taxidermy

Pre Hunt Information

Things to consider prior to your hunt...

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Pre hunt arrangements will insure you that there will be no surprises to deal with while on your hunt or after. Our first suggestion would be to contact The Safari Room and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

For Clients hunting outside of the U.S.

We will provide you with personalized shipping tags to take with on our hunt. These tags should be attached to your trophies.

Trophies coming from outside the U.S. will be imported through Coppersmith located in Chicago. From there the trophies will be shipped to our USDA inspected tanning facility in Michigan where they will be processed and shipped to us here in Wisconsin. Further details will be explained in our “pre hunt” conversation.

For first time African hunters we can’t express the importance of contacting us months in advance of your scheduled safari. Many things will need to be taken care of prior to the hunt to insure your trophies are safely returned to the U.S. 


Once The Safari Room receives your trophies, an inventory will be taken and you will be contacted.

From there a job order will be filled out and a 50% deposit will be requested. There is a standard agreement that will need to be signed in our studio or sent to you to be returned with the deposit. A deposit and signature is needed for your job to be put on our work order list.
Completion time of your project will be, in most cases, 8 to 10 months from the date of the deposit.

If trophies cannot be picked up at our location, shipping and or delivery arrangements will be made. On larger orders we make personal deliveries to your location. In most cases we do this free of charge. For longer distances a one way mileage charge will be figured into your remaining balance.


For clients hunting within the U.S.

For trophies coming from within the U.S. it is always best to contact us ahead of the hunt. We will give you contact info of people in the area you will be hunting in that can help you. If this is not possible we will provide you with the info needed to protect your trophy to insure its safe return to us. In most cases when hunting with any of the guide services they will know exactly what to do. But it is very important to talk with us first, as we will give you important instructions to watch for while your guide is doing his job. Just like taxidermists, not all guides are created equal and know what they are doing.

Our shipping info:

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